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These images are a small collection of my work. I will be adding portfolios to keep this fresh and interesting. If anyone has a suggestion for a portfolio or image please contact me at the email address above.
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Latest photos uploaded

Shop fronts and River - Matlock Bath


Chatsworth House
(Contains 69 photos)
A selection of photographs from Chatsworth House Derbyshire.
There are several photos from the Sothebys Beyond Limits exhibitions over the past 6 years
A selection of my latest Photos
(Contains 27 photos)
A small selection of my latest works
The Latest Images
(Contains 48 photos)
Just a selection of photographs taken last year
Dovedale water Opening Shots
(Contains 143 photos)
Some of my best and most popular images. Landscapes, still life and close-ups are included here. Not in any particular order just a collection of my photographs that people like. Also include here is a folder of my oldest work - scanned from prints and negatives
Bee and cornflower Flowers
(Contains 26 photos)
A collection of photographs of flowers from my garden. Carefully tended and grown by my wife Jane.
we are sleep Cats and Creatures
(Contains 65 photos)
My cats and some of natures other creatures
The Snow and Ice
(Contains 46 photos)
A selection of photographs from around my village taken over the last few days during the snow and frost.
Armed Forces memorial exterior Re-enactment Section
(Contains 202 photos)
This portfolio contains several different albums of re-enactment societies at Tutbury Castle over the past few years. It is updated as the named living history groups re-visit.
After National Trust Properties and Stately Homes of UK
(Contains 199 photos)
This portfolio contains various galleries of different National Trust properties and The Stately Homes around my area in Derbyshire Staffordshire and Nottinghamshire
blue fence Around Derbyshire
(Contains 73 photos)
A selection of landscapes in colour and black and white taken in the Derbyshire Peaks and villages.
Wedding Shots and Commissions
(Contains 137 photos)
With kind permission of the happy couples, I have placed some of their wedding photographs here for your perusal. They are in separate galleries as to aid looking at them in context. I have also include a few commissioned photographs to give a sample of other work I do. Included here are Christenings and birthday parties and a few portraits.
(Contains 92 photos)
A collection of shots given special treatments
Low Clouds Black and White
(Contains 48 photos)
A selection of some of my best black and white works, various subjects and styles.
Landscapes, Cityscapes and much more.
Flat Iron New York
(Contains 38 photos)
A collection of photographs of the Big Apple. My kinda town
colleseum arches Rome and Pompeii
(Contains 27 photos)
Views of Rome and Pompeii
Signpost light Morning mist and frost
(Contains 14 photos)
A few shots around my village taken early morning to catch the sunrise and mist ion the River Dove plus a few frosty shots taken at the same time
Riverside view Tales from the Riverbank
(Contains 18 photos)
A ramble around my village with shots of the River Dove with various wildlife and plants
Pirates and wenches  16 Pirates and Wenches
(Contains 39 photos)
A selection of shots taken at Tutbury Castle's Pirates weekend featuring Captain Jack Sparrow (well his double)
Swaledale  1 Swaledale June 2014
(Contains 38 photos)
A few shots taken in Swaledale with some good friends as company
Tideswell 3 Tideswell June 2014
(Contains 27 photos)
Photos around Tideswell village with the church of St. John the Baptist included
Midland Railway museum Butterly 10 Midland Railway Museum Buttery
(Contains 39 photos)
Hatton Carnival 2014 31 Hatton Carnival
(Contains 254 photos)